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Tina Lee California

I share my experience, knowledge, and skills and other intuitive psychic talents and abilities with each and every client during each PERSONAL READING by TELEPHONE. Distance from me does not impede my psychic abilities when reading by phone.

I connect with your SPIRIT GUIDES and receive DIRECT PERSONAL information from them for your use in work, love, finances, everyday life and spiritually.

Read what many clients have said about Tina Lee's intuitive psychic readings over the many years that she has helped the public worldwide with personal and business psychic information and details that will allow you to make the changes that YOU CHOOSE on your life path for TODAY AND TOMORROW and many years to come.

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29 plus years of amazing accurate psychic readings for clients worldwide !

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Well, when it rains; it surely does pour. My past reading with you for the most part has came true. Yet, there were some things that you said in regards to getting and cleaning up my resume that puzzled me. I have [had] a job in a big pharmaceutical company; although I was unhappy with my 6 year position. Then today [it] happened. I was laid-off. You know, it is strange how spirits send messages to you. YOU ARE GREAT!!

 Vanessa ~ Chicago  7/99


I highly recommend Tina Lee. Tina's readings are bold, blunt and honest. They are surrounded with as much love and compassion as one can share. She thoroughly describes past, present, and future events as they can only relate to you. You are never left with a vague feeling about anything. Tina gives the most specific details I have ever been given in a reading or have ever heard, even by other psychics and mediums that are nationally known.

 Michelle H., California, 4/99